Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Political Youth Forums Encourage Inter-Political Dialogue in Albania

We are always encouraged to receive exciting news from the members of our international ROM family. The most recent comes from Shaban Sulce, the Founder of the Centre for Dialogue and Promotion of European values, and editor-in chief of Integrimi (Integration) newspaper. 
By Shaban Sulce 
The political youth forums of the main parties in Albania are ready to launch the dialogue and political cooperation between them on issues that are related to the European processes of our country and other issues that relate to the needs of the youth in Albania.  
This has been a conclusion reached at the meeting last Saturday by the Center for Dialogue and Promotion of European values led by Mr.Shaban Sulce, attended by the country political leaders; among them the secretary for foreign relations in FRPD Alqi Ballko; the general secretary of LRI Besjan Pesha and the vice President of LRI Ardit Cela; the G99 party chairman Ervin Mete and the president of the Forum “Active Youth” Dritan Broke; as well as the head of the FRESH Elisa Spiropali and the leaders of the Youth Forum of PDU. The meeting was attended also by representatives of the OSCE, one of them was Alenka Verbole, who welcomed the guests and encouraged the launching of cooperation between youth in politics. He also expressed his support to concrete initiatives in the framework of this cooperation. 
At the meetings we discussed the ideas leading to the youth cooperation in politics, such as the signing of a pact of understanding between the political youth forums during the election campaign that is coming, in order to avoid defamations and personal attacks in the campaign. We discussed also the need for the higher level of women’s representation in politics. 
This gathering took place with the support of the European Movement ECPM. The representative of this movement attending the meeting, Mr. Leo van Doesburg said in his statement given to a newspaper said: “ I want to express my congratulations, and the congratulations of the representatives of the Institute for Multiparty Democracy NIMD and ECPM, who are attending and encourage this process. The development of democracy and the political dialogue is very important for strengthening of the rule of law. This initiative is important not only for Albania but also for other countries of Eastern Europe. By developing this dialogue and cooperation, this will help build a constructive future of Albania and this is a good example for the region too. This cooperation of youth in politics will contribute positively in the local elections that are approaching in Albania”.

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